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"Newskids on the Net" is a thriller for readers aged from nine to thirteen (or anyone else who likes great story well told). It's about a group of teenagers who start their own TV news station on the internet using technology that is part of most young people`s everyday lives. Having spent most of my life in the world of television, the book is written from a great deal of personal experience. This site will tell you much more about the novel and my TV career. There are also lots of tips (and a cool video) on how to make exciting (and professional) news stories using ordinary camcorders and simple editing software.

The author, Nick Handel, is a former BBC producer who now teaches production skills to producers and directors starting out in the TV industry. You`ll find out more about him in 'Meet the Author' - but first, here`s a world exclusive! His new book, "Calling the Shots!" has been specially written for schools and shows how film techniques can inspire brilliant creative writing. Why not tell your literacy teacher about it? It`s fun being a film director – and even better if you`re becoming a better writer at the same time. More details in "Calling the Shots!"pages.

Nick Handel signature and title "The Book"

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own TV station? With the help of two best friends, fourteen-year-old Max Taylor finds a way to create one in his dad`s garden shed; but when a girl at school goes missing, Newskids on the Net becomes the nerve centre of a desperate nationwide search. Soon, the kids themselves are front page news and propelled into a deadly adventure where kidnaps, late night stakeouts and secret recordings lead to a nerve-jangling climax at a World Cup semi-final at Wembley Stadium.

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