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How Do You Break Into TV?

To get a break in television, you need to gain experience of working in a relevant professional environment – broadcasting, film or theatre. It`s important to demonstrate a genuine interest in all types of programmes and keenness to learn how they are made. You can start now! Soak up all the advice on this site, then try spotting how the techniques are used in broadcast programmes. Some people get their first TV breaks by working as runners (or extra pairs of hands). The money`s not great, but you learn loads and make contacts. If you want to get into factual television, it helps to know a thing or two about journalism. Try to take an interest in what`s going on in the world - from politics to pop; think of subjects you`d like to make films about and imagine how you`d bring them to the screen. It`s also useful if you`ve been involved in amateur video-making. I made lots of movies in my early years: two at school, one with a rock band and three with local drama clubs.

Photo of the 5 members of Rush Release"Rush Release Play At Film" - shot in black and white to promote a local rock band.

Cartoon of a man with a hammer in his left hand, drill and toolkit on the floor. He is starring into the TV with a sad look on his face.

Photograph of filmming during Hit and Run

"Hit and Run" - a play with filmed inserts made with The Ember Players

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