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Summary of Video

Top Tips for Shooting Documentaries and News Stories.

Good research is essential. It will help you decide how to tell your story.

Choose the right people to interview.

Keep your story simple and plan how to structure it.

Think of shots and sequences that will set the scene and illustrate the subject.

Make sure your film has a really good beginning. Draw the viewer in.

Give it a really good ending, too!

Make the story visually interesting.

Get steady, well-composed shots of the people and places in your story.

The interviewer should stand close to the camera so that the subject is full-face.

Remember to get the microphone close to the subject for clearer sound.

Try to film your presenter and interviewees against interesting backgrounds.

Final Tip

Good filming is safe filming. Never take unnecessary risks. Think about hazards such as shooting from high places or near busy roads. Be aware of what`s happening around you – even when you`re glued to the viewfinder!

Final, Final Tip

Movie making is fun. Don`t forget to enjoy it!

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