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A taster of "Newskids on the Net"

" ...Three police cars drove in through the school gates, their blue lights flashing urgently. Had there been an accident? A break-in, perhaps? Or had something more sinister brought out the law in such force?"

" ...Dear Diary, Two weeks to our first show. Scareeeee! Local paper turns up just as Superpets arrive to audition. Charlie`s break-dancing Jack Russell bites photographer who has to have a tetanus jab. Why did we start this...? "

" ...Dimaggio showed no remorse as a photographer was knocked to the ground. Ollie held the video-phone as high as he could, trying to keep pace as the star`s shaven head pushed aggressively through the forest of cameras and microphones."

" ...The studio door swung open and she hurried across the rough wooden floor. There was a momentary flicker, then a message exploded across the screen. `Who are you?` Becky was alone now, and knew that everything would depend on how she handled this.`

" ...For a few seconds there was silence, then two doors slammed and he heard heavy footsteps clumping over tarmac. Frightened out of his wits, he waited for the boot to open, then raised a hand as twin torch beams blazed into his eyes."

" ...Two shots rang out and the shouts turned to screams as a policeman slumped to the ground, bleeding heavily from the chest and neck. Spectators fled in panic as a team of paramedics raced to his aid while the Newskids stood helplessly by, watching the striker retreat into the tunnel using Max as a human shield."

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